24/7 Remote IT Support – More Important Than Ever

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A few companies were moving toward work from home setups for their employees prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and remote IT support was growing in importance, but the world has been hit with a sledgehammer. Companies like The Millennium Group Consulting are providing solutions to ensure work from home setups can function securely and efficiently.

What Remote User Support Entails

Whether your company has 10, 100, 500 or more employees, the situation for each individual office worker is relatively similar. Nearly every one of these employees is figuring out the best way to work from home.

Many of us have now been working this way for several weeks, but things are likely never going 100% back to normal. Remote work is likely to persist in one form or another, whether employees are working from home a portion of the week or perpetually.

The operational landscape has been turned on its head, and businesses need to be prepared to operate in this new world. New threats to home cyber security are emerging, new collaboration strategies and technologies must be adapted, and conventional day-to-day IT support must evolve.

A Whole New World of Cyber Security

Though many of us are working on company-issued workstations, some are operating on their own machines. Every remote worker is using their own personal Wi-Fi network and many are using new cloud-based storage and communication platforms that were implemented in a rushed fashion.

However, The Millennium Group is no stranger to remote IT support. One of our core competencies is developing commercial cyber security solutions that are designed to facilitate remote work.

The risk of falling victim to a cyber attack is greater now than ever, and it is likely never going to diminish. In the age of remote work, a business must rethink its entire cyber security strategy. That strategy is only as strong as the weakest link, but The Millennium Group can provide some peace of mind.

Productivity and Collaboration

The number of collaboration, video conferencing, and project management tools has exploded in recent years, and the pandemic is likely to accelerate that trend. The Millennium Group provides businesses with comprehensive support solutions for these technologies—including procurement, vendor management, and implementation—to enable a smooth transition.

Whether you are looking to migrate your email to Office 365 and are interested in leveraging tools like Microsoft Teams or you want to take advantage of Zoom in the most secure and efficient way, we can help. The bottom line is there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every organization, and we tailor our services to your operation.

Remote Desktop Support

In the “before times,” as so many people are calling it, the “IT support guy” could walk right up to a worker’s desk and solve a problem in person. Those days are over (for now, at least), but the need for day-to-day technical support is still as present as ever, perhaps even more so. The Millennium Group can provide that support seamlessly, leveraging tools such as screen sharing and beyond to facilitate the support process.

Even the most basic technology issue can be incredibly frustrating for the average worker, especially now. A clear line of remote IT support isn’t just a luxury, it’s essential. Over time, small issues add up and can even affect employees’ mental and emotional well-being. This is, of course, bad for productivity and security, but it’s also worth eliminating for its own sake.

What The Millennium Group is really offering businesses is a sense that things can still get done securely and efficiently, even when business as usual has gone out the window.

Your Personal IT Consultants

Though almost all of us are segregated to our homes in this situation, we are all bound together. The Millennium Group is enabling businesses to continue their vital work, no matter how the situation evolves.

No one knows when we will all be back in the office or what the future of work looks like, but The Millennium Group’s IT consulting experts can deliver consistent operational efficiency regardless of your operational needs. Give us a call today to get started, and we’ll inject some normalcy into our present predicament.