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The Millennium Group Has a Set of Values That We Follow Through On

The Millennium Group Computing company is a veteran-owned company, and those values have a direct influence on how we work. Our workforce is regimented in how we deliver our services, and we are dedicated to following through on the guarantees that we make.

Our team is not interested in selling you on goods and services that you won’t use or don’t need. We work within your budget and focus on how we can improve your workplace with the available technology.  

Our service agreements provide month-to-month services because experience has taught us that many clients prefer not to be locked into long-term contracts. Earning our keep month to month also ensures we are honest in our efforts to build trust and faith with our clients.  

“When we brought TMGC into our organization, we noticed the change right away. They are easy to get a hold of and I’m always blown away by how knowledgeable the team is.”

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We Understand What Is Essential in IT Services

Our background and experience in the industry have taught us what is essential in IT services and what others often overlook. Many service providers might promise secure data backups, but The Millennium Group understands the value of rapid recovery time and the costs that downtime can have.

Some companies adopt cloud services because they’ve been told about its advantages, but the truth is that the cloud is not right for everyone. It depends on your unique situation, your internet connectivity, and the functions of your workplace.

This is the kind of thinking that goes into every service we offer. It is not just about what is the most cutting-edge technology out there. It is about what sort of technology is best for your business. The Millennium Group delivers solutions that are tailored to the needs of every client.   

Don’t feel intimidated by the technical nature of IT services.

The Millennium Group is here to help you find straightforward solutions.

Our Objective Advice on What Makes a Superior Service Provider

1. Establish a Relationship With Your Provider
You need to have a good relationship with your service provider. They should be available for more than just break-fix or emergency situations. You should get to know your IT provider when things are going smoothly; this will help them learn more about your needs and future objectives.

Almost 90% of IT

support issues today can be resolved over the phone or an internet connection.

2. Be Clear About Your Needs and Expectations
Don’t keep your expectations or even disappointments close to the vest. Let your service provider know about what you need and the things you expect. This information will equip us to deliver better services in the future.

3. Make Sure They Have Experience in Your Industry
Find an IT service company that has experience with other companies in your industry and in a majority of the hardware and software you use. At the same time, be realistic and understand that your technical support team may not have experience in everything you use, because no two businesses are exactly alike.

4. Find a Provider That Offers Remote Support
Almost 90% of IT support issues today can be resolved over the phone or an internet connection. Find a service provider that is staffed to provide effective remote support so you can minimize any travel costs and wasted time waiting for a service provider to drive to your office.

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Ransomware attacks per day.


Companies upgrading existing assets.

$7.91 million

Average cost of data breach in U.S. companies.


Companies believe one hour of downtime will cost $25,000.

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