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Hosted Private Cloud

Cloud-computing services can take many forms. It all depends on what is best for your functionality, connectivity, and even your geography. A hosted private cloud can be onsite or maintained in a remote data center. Either choice results in a cloud environment that is developed and managed specifically for the needs of your business.

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Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid option brings the advantages of private and public cloud services together to create one dynamic environment. We will make recommendations, but you will be able to choose which parts of your operation go into the cloud and which parts remain onsite. Depending on your needs, you’ll be able to mix the power of public cloud storage with the security of a private environment.   

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Public Cloud Vendors

Public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer space in their massive network of data centers. This service comes with its own price and limitations, but it offers impressive computing power and robust security solutions. Selecting this option depends heavily on your internet connection and the customizability that your operations require.  

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Cloud Migration

The Millennium Group is fully equipped and qualified to manage your transition to the cloud. We have experience in safely handling migrations of massive operations into a cloud infrastructure developed specifically for your needs. You can trust that the integrity of your data and productivity of your workplace will not see any significant disruptions during your migration into these new services.  

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Hosted VoIP Solutions

Traditional phone service is no longer the most beneficial communication option for many businesses. VoIP technology allows for phone service through cloud applications across the internet. This practice is less expensive than traditional phone lines and offers greater call clarity along with other communication features. TMGC will help you design and install a VoIP solution that is optimized for your workplace and your budget.   

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Office 365 Migrations

Migrating to a new service or platform is not something to worry about when you’re in the qualified hands of The Millennium Group. It is an opportunity for new tools and better solutions.  At TMGC, we design and develop a tailored plan for every organization. Our focus is to help you get the services you need to grow confidently.

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We Can Give You Access to Superior Collaboration Tools and Mobility Options

Beyond all of the storage and computing options, the cloud offers a variety of options for improved collaboration and mobility outside the workplace. The data and services that you move to the cloud will be accessible from almost anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

This benefit opens the door to allow new opportunities for your team to work remotely from home or on the road to get closer to customers.

The improved collaboration tools will bring your workforce closer together no matter where they are geographically. Features like video conferencing and real-time file sharing can transform the way your employees communicate and work as a team. The Millennium Group will make sure that you have the hardware and software to support collaborative services like these.    

There Is Always Room for Scalability and Future Upgrades

Technology is always changing, and we must remain adaptable to keep growing our businesses. Software development and computing infrastructure will continue to push us all forward as the years go on. Migrating to one of these environments will help your business be more prepared for the changes that are coming. Updating operating systems or expanding server storage is made simple with a cloud platform.

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