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You have probably heard about cloud-based services by this point. In basic terms, the cloud is a resource. It is a digital environment that exists onsite at your facility or in offsite data centers. This environment gives you the opportunity to use new applications and the ability to access your data from almost anywhere with an internet connection. It has massive storage capacity and allows you to lower your operating costs. Many businesses are taking the leap and learning about all of the advantages that cloud services have to offer.

The truth is that cloud solutions are robust and provide many effective applications, but they are not the perfect fit for everyone. Some companies are not well located to move data to and from the cloud reliably. Other business operations don’t flow well with cloud environments.

Fully cloud-based solutions are really only viable in certain situations, and we will help you assess your viability. The Millennium Group can tell you if the cloud is right for you and which type of cloud service to implement in your workplace. We can also manage your transition to the cloud environment that is best for your requirements. The cloud is a powerful tool, but only when it’s used appropriately and effectively. We don’t want to waste your time or resources with technology that you won’t get the most out of.

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Our Cloud Migration Strategies Will Ensure Stability

Whether you are moving to the private or public cloud, the migration process is best performed by professionals with experience in the procedures. The team at TMGC will put together a migration plan based on your day-to-day operations and which services are migrating to the cloud.

We will structure the process to disrupt your business as little as possible and ensure the integrity of existing applications. Moving data to the cloud does not have to be an intimidating process, and in the hands of professionals, a migration project is easily executed.

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Your Cloud-Computing Options

1. Hybrid Cloud: The hybrid option is a blend of onsite and public or private cloud resources. You will get to decide where your data goes, and we will recommend the best service for the various operations of your business. The hybrid cloud is touted as the selection that allows for the best of both worlds.


of Executives say they have only 2 years to adopt new technology before falling behind.

2. Public Cloud VendorsWe will be your middleman between whichever third-party vendor best suits your needs and budget. We have worked with Amazon Web Services (AWA) and Microsoft Azure in the past and have experience in migrating service to their cloud environments. The public option comes with lower costs but fewer custom controls over the data management process.

3. Hosted Private Cloud: Private cloud hosting establishes a cloud environment that is developed just for your business. It can exist onsite or on dedicated hardware in a third-party data center. This selection allows for greater customizability and offers more flexibility for your changing needs in the future.  

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