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A Hosted Private Cloud Has Many Applications, in the Right Hands

The cloud is a powerful tool when in the right hands with the right situation. Some service providers will push private cloud hosting solutions into scenarios where they don’t make sense. We want to determine which type of cloud infrastructure is right for your business. That might be a public, private, or hybrid cloud. Whatever the solution, The Millennium Group is only interested in finding the one that is right for you.

The physical hardware for your private cloud can be located onsite in a data center or it can be in a hosted environment where a third-party provider has dedicated hardware for your organization. Unlike a public cloud, this managed cloud environment is not shared with anyone and is maintained for a single organization.

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Private Cloud Hosting Holds Advantages Over the Other Options

Any cloud environment offers benefits like increased mobility, a high degree of security, and ease of accessibility. All of the different forms of the cloud provide their own advantages as well. If your circumstances fit the bill, a private environment will deliver many more customizable options for your operations. Along with that, you can expect assets like:

Greater Adaptability
Because of the nature of the private environment, your business will be enabled to tailor your cloud to fit into your specific requirements. You won’t have to worry about all of the technical issues surrounding this either. You can tell The Millennium Group what you need and rely on us to line out all of the details.

Enhanced Security
Every cloud solution offers professional protection for your sensitive data; the private option takes this a step further. The dedicated hardware that your organization would be using is not shared with anyone else. This limits your risk of exposure and allows for stricter controls to be implemented.

Flexible Scalability
All versions of the cloud offer this to a certain extent, but you’ll have tighter control over private cloud offerings. Depending on your growth, you’ll be able to shrink or increase your dedicated storage space and computing power easily.

Lower Your Costs and Carbon Footprint With Cloud Computing

In the long list of advantages of cloud services, the one that will make the most significant difference on day one of operation is the way it will reduce costs. You can expect a boost in productivity that will come with time, but the money you’ll save is something you’ll notice even faster. These savings will make your future budgeting more flexible and leave funds for other projects or improvements. This is how cloud technology helps your entire operation and not just your IT services.  

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