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What Makes the Hybrid Cloud Special?

A cloud-computing environment is often sold as a simple cure to many of your problems. The truth is that cloud technology is a versatile tool with a broad range of applications, but it is not a magical cure-all. Using the cloud to its full potential requires experience and knowledge of cloud-based applications. The hybrid cloud benefits from the fact that it leverages the best of both worlds from both private and public cloud resources.

Private cloud infrastructure refers to dedicated hardware that exists onsite or in a third-party data center. This equipment is set apart solely for your system’s operations and data backups. It offers a high level of security and a comfortable degree of flexibility. Likewise, private cloud systems are typically managed in-house or with a dedicated third-party provider.

Public cloud services are administered fully over the internet. They are managed by a third party, usually a large firm like Amazon or Microsoft. All of the hardware, software, and supporting infrastructure is owned by them. You’ll have less direct control over this type of cloud platform, but the costs are lower, the scalability is responsive to your needs, and their large network of servers gives them higher reliability.

Hybrid cloud infrastructure combines these two systems to provide the flexibility and security of the private cloud with the scalability and reliability of the bigger players in the industry. This is not as simple as creating an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account and exchanging data between your public cloud and existing services.

The Millennium Group offers hybrid cloud management solutions that allow these two systems to function together seamlessly with your existing operations and workflows.

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Hybrid Cloud Computing Is the Most Flexible Option

The hybrid cloud environment was developed to be a combination of onsite infrastructure—or a private cloud—with public cloud resources. This allows businesses to take advantage of all the benefits of either system with fewer drawbacks. The Millennium Group can bring hybrid cloud benefits to your organization.

One of the greatest benefits is that your hybrid cloud strategy can vary greatly from that of other organizations depending on need and can be adapted for future scaling up or down. Because of the increased flexibility that the hybrid cloud model offers, it is one of the most common solutions that we recommend for a variety of businesses.

The best cloud solution for your company depends on many factors, such as connectivity, bandwidth availability, and your day-to-day functions. The expert hybrid cloud management team at The Millennium Group will work with your organization to find the one that fits your requirements best. Then we will be there to implement the cloud environment for you.

With the hybrid option, we can set up the cloud infrastructure in whatever way you need, whether you are looking for greater agility, cost savings, limited security risks, or all three.

With our recommendations, you will be able to decide which operations stay onsite, what is migrated to the cloud, and what management tools are put in place. If the hybrid cloud option is right for you, you’ll see:

  • Greater control over your infrastructure and resources
  • Flexibility to tap into public cloud resources when you need them
  • Reduced costs for only paying for extra computing power when you need it
  • More gradual migration to cloud services

We Will Manage Your Migration to Cloud-Based Services

Depending on your situation, there are many cloud configurations that could be right for your company. Whatever the solution, The Millennium Group will be there to fully manage your migration into cloud services. This includes finding the best public cloud provider for your organization, whether it’s AWS, Microsoft Azure, or another service. We will then integrate these tools directly with an efficient and secure private cloud system designed specifically for your operation.

We will ensure minimal disruption to your daily operations and the integrity of your data during the transition. We know downtime is incredibly expensive and will strive to have your new system up and running with minimal disruption to you, your staff, and your customers.

You can count on TMGC to recommend the best cloud services for your business and handle the shifting of your IT operations on your behalf. To learn more about cloud computing and the hybrid option, contact The Millennium Group today.


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