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The Benefits of Public Cloud Computing

Like most versions of cloud environments, a public cloud infrastructure will provide greater mobility, new collaboration tools, and secure backup options. Unlike private clouds, you can expect lower operating costs, little to no maintenance fees, and simple scalability for your changing needs. All of those benefits come from the fact that your public cloud resources are owned and managed by third-party vendors.

This means the cost for hardware, software, and maintenance falls on them. Figuring out which cloud option is right for your business takes a keen eye and a balancing out of what is most critical for your company.

For example, not owning the hardware means fewer expenses, but it also means less management control over your cloud environment. The Millennium Group is here to help educate you on these decisions and recommend the best choice for your organization.

Getting to know your business and its operations is a critical part of cloud-based services. You might not care about customizability and be more interested in the high reliability that comes with a massive network that several public cloud vendors come with. TMGC will get to know your requirements, be there to develop your cloud solution, and help you migrate your services.    

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Take Advantage of Our Experience With Public Cloud Vendors

A significant component of public cloud hosting is the vendors that your business has to partner with. They are offering cloud storage space in their data centers, but they do not have to be one more task on your to-do list. The Millennium Group has ample experience working with vendors and managing the entire process on your behalf. You can tell us what you need and what you want and then count on us to follow through.

Public cloud vendors like these offer different payment plans and resource management tools. You can have access to the power of global corporations combined with the personal attention of The Millennium Group at your side.

We will present recommendations based on our expertise and the requirements of your organization. You can rest easy knowing that we have your best interests in mind. Part of our value as a service provider is removing the headaches and concerns from your IT services. We will develop and implement managed IT services that work well and fit your daily operations. We will work to find your business the right balance between services and rates with public cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

There Are Many Ways to Take Advantage of Cloud-Based Services

Public cloud vendors and hosted environments are not your only option when it comes to cloud services. At The Millennium Group, we are only interested in the services that are most suited to your needs and operations. A public cloud platform might not be right for you, or it might be better as part of a broader hybrid cloud strategy. Whatever the solution, we will work to develop the right one for your organization.  

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