Could Not Connect – When it’s Time to Upgrade Your Commercial WiFi Network

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If you’re noticing that web pages are beginning to load slowly or you are occasionally losing network connections, it may be time for a WiFi upgrade. In fact, an upgrade to your network is essentially a way to upgrade your business as a whole.

What Is WiFi Networking?

Though the technology is ubiquitous today, many still might not know the difference between a commercial WiFi network and the one streaming videos at home. In today’s office environment, however, the difference between an up-to-date WiFi network and one that is beginning to fail is night and day.

At its best, WiFi can be a fast and secure networking solution that lets employees connect their devices and seamlessly engage with the systems that let your business run every day. From cloud storage to your CRM, a well-functioning WiFi network is essential.

At worst, a network can present security openings for hackers and other cyber threats, may cause business downtime, or could simply hurt the morale of your staff. If you’re starting to see any of the signs outlined below, it might be time for a WiFi upgrade.

Operational Dysfunction

Errors and Slow Speeds – It might not seem like a big deal when web pages are loading in four seconds versus two seconds. Sure, that’s an inconvenience, but is it really making a difference for your business? The problem is that we’re not talking about a single web page, we’re talking about what could be hundreds per day, per employee, resulting in hours of lost productivity. 

This situation is actually an oversimplification because, if you’re having WiFi issues, the problems are likely running deeper than slow-loading pages. One example that is a bit further along the “annoyance scale” is the page load error, which could mean your employees are being slowed down or stopped in their tracks when signing in to your cloud systems or servers.

Any busy, modern business environment will be hit hard by delays of any kind

Crashing Systems – Beyond crashing pages, an aging WiFi system can cause whole systems to fail. Dashboards leveraging real-time engineering or sales data are critical to the day-to-day (or even minute-by-minute) operations of a company. Thes applications are generally data-heavy and depend on fast networks.

Communications Issues

Internal issues with access to business systems are one thing, but failed communications with clients are on an entirely different level. Most businesses today use technologies like voice over internet protocol (VoIP) for both audio and video conferencing. This technology is incredibly effective at connecting with customers over distance. However, if a video is starting to lag or if calls are dropping, the WiFi network is a likely culprit.

When you combine these issues with problems outlined above (and they are almost always happening simultaneously), sales and client relationships could be at risk.

Security Risks

Maybe you aren’t experiencing any of the issues noted above, or maybe you’ve convinced yourself that they can be ignored for a while. There could be security issues with your network lurking in the background that are putting your business at risk. From modern attacks like ransomware to more conventional attacks on your system, holes in your WiFi network are prime vectors for attack.

Updates to your networking equipment that are pushed by manufacturers are often inadequate to keep up with changing security needs, especially in the long-term. The best way to ensure your network is up to date and secure is through a managed services provider that offers specialized WiFi services.

Keeping your systems fast, secure, and reliable isn’t just a false promise on the outside of your WiFi router’s packaging. With The Millennium Consulting Group’s WiFi services, it can be a reality.

Enter: The Millennium Group

If you’re starting to see lower productivity metrics than you’d hope, your WiFi network equipment could be to blame. Outside of lost sales and data breaches, there could be a more fundamental, ongoing, creeping issue hurting your bottom line. The loss of productivity—whether work is getting done at a slower pace or shuts down entirely—is a business killer.

The Millennium Group offers specialized WiFi installation services that are designed to find the exact solution your business needs. Do your employees have many devices they use to get business done every day? Are you looking for a solution that can accommodate customers using your network while staying secure? Or maybe you need a network optimized for video communications.

Whatever your situation, contact us today and watch your networking issues disappear.