Cyber Security Awareness Training Protects You From Within

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Cyber security training for employees is a crucial element in avoiding cyber attacks and those with malicious intent from gaining access to network, data, and files.

What Is Cyber Security Awareness Training?

Cyber security awareness training generally consists of ongoing training and education for your workforce. It should address the most common and current IT security threats that affect your operations. Training programs help both small businesses and large corporations protect sensitive information.

The most common cyber security awareness training is in the form of online or computer software-based formats. To be most effective, training courses should provide ongoing education rather than a one-day crash course.

Allowing your staff to work at their own pace with engaging material increases the likelihood of the information staying with them. Employees should go through training programs at least once a year to stay aware of best practices. To keep workers up-to-date on evolving cyber security threats, many organizations provide more frequent cyber security training for employees.

Why Do We Need Cyber Security Awareness Training?

No company wants to admit their employees are their weakest link in any part of their business. Unfortunately, it is often the human element that is the most exploited when it comes to cyber security.

Data breaches are commonly traced back to innocent mistakes made by staff members. Hasn’t everyone clicked on a link that looks like it came from the company at some point? A recent report shows that over 90% of successful security breaches started as phishing scams.

The most efficient way to teach your staff how to lower human error risk is through cyber security training for employees. Making your workforce aware of security threats and how to avoid them is crucial. Training programs offer cyber security tips for employees that are in the office or working remotely. Some of the issues training programs cover to prevent cyber attacks include:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Social engineering
  • Mobile device security
  • Password protection and strength
  • Network security and avoiding public wi-fi
  • Malware and ransomware
  • Spam
  • Social media security

Cyber security training for employees will drastically increase awareness levels and provide practical skills to better protect your business from the dangers of data breaches, attacks, and malware threats.

Many insurance providers and industries with strict compliance regulations, such as HIPAA, require cyber security awareness training. If your organization is out of compliance, severe penalties or denial of coverage are possible.

The Millennium Group knows how important a secure network is to your business. We work as your partner to

teach your employees how to spot suspicious activity to protect you.

How Can You Go Beyond Cyber Security Awareness?

Cyber security training for employees is necessary to protect your business, but that alone is not enough. A managed IT partner provides another level of security. They create strategies to defend your business from the threats that endanger your operations. It is essential to be proactive against security threats because waiting until discovered is a recipe for disaster.

Vulnerability Testing

Vulnerability testing detects weaknesses in your network. After detecting and classifying weak points, service providers create security solutions to close intrusion points that exist in your operating system.

Penetration testing is also commonly partnered with vulnerability assessments, but they are not the same. Penetration tests perform phishing simulations and other simulated attacks on your system to see how they react to intrusion attempts. Any area breached during a simulation is vulnerable to real-world attacks and needs to be addressed.

Threat Remediation

Threat remediation is the process of identifying and resolving the ever-evolving security threats that your organization faces. These threats come in the form of anything that can harm your computer network or system. It is another proactive step in preventing cyber attacks. A simple antivirus software update is not a good security plan.

Managed Network Security

Managed network security is the most comprehensive approach to cyber security. By combining vulnerability testing, threat remediation, cyber security awareness training, data backup, and IT consulting, you prepare yourself for any security threat. Managed network security is built around the specific needs of your business.

The Millennium Group Is Here for All Your Cyber Security Awareness Training and Network Security Needs

If you are looking to protect your network and educate your staff about security threats, The Millennium Group is here for you. Our security services provide peace of mind in knowing your network is protected.