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Vendor Management

You can rely on The Millennium Group and our relationships with various vendors for everything from the cloud and new equipment to VoIP phone solutions. Part of the value that comes from working with a service provider like us is that you can put a task in our hands and trust us to manage the entire process for you. We work every day to create and build trust in our services that Colorado companies like yours can rely on.  

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Network Installation

The infrastructure of your network is the foundation of the rest of your information technology. The better the network we install, the better your overall IT services will function. TMGC will design and install a network that is responsive to your needs, offers the performance support your work calls for, and is adaptable to the future growth you will experience. We want to be your IT service provider for the long haul, and that means keeping an eye on tomorrow.    

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Wi-Fi Installation

Just because a Wi-Fi network is called wireless does not mean you won’t need the physical equipment and devices to support it. You can depend on The Millennium Group to supply a Wi-Fi network that delivers consistent performance and is optimized for the functions of your business. We will take everything into account, from the physical structure of your facility to the connectivity needs of your employees.

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Hardware Installation

As a turnkey service provider, we understand the value of a partner that manages a complete project for you. We want you to be able to focus on your own work and trust that we will perform the tasks you. You can tell us your goals, then we will find, develop, and install the hardware that you need to achieve your objectives. Hardware installation is a simple process, but we will optimize hardware selection for your organization.

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Office Relocation

Moving to a new location comes with a lot of inherent challenges. Allow us to manage some of those for you. We will make sure that your proposed new facility has the capabilities you want and the features your business needs. We can make the relocation of your IT services simple and line out disruptions before they ever happen. In the past, our expert knowledge has helped prevent clients from moving to locations that did not offer the services they needed.

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Structured Cabling

Professional structured cabling is part of the foundation of your IT infrastructure. Telecommunications cabling like this requires planning ahead and leaving room for future additions to your network. Trust your cabling project to the qualified, experienced hands of The Millennium Group. We design IT solutions to offer you greater performance.

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Equipment Lease

We offer the option to lease equipment so your business can avoid the high upfront cost of the hardware you need. Under one of our leasing agreements, you have a predictable, fixed monthly payment for your hardware. This type of payment adds flexibility to your budget and makes future upgrades easier to afford. We’ll maintain your hardware and keep you current with the latest technology available.

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Hardware That Aligns With Your Business Goals

One of the reasons that we have focused our [managed services] on month-to-month contracts is that we believe in proving our worth. When it comes to the hardware in your workplace, you need equipment that does more than just work well. Your business needs devices that were selected for the unique functions of your workplace and the future goals of your organization.

The Millennium Group follows through on our promise of customer service by tailoring our products and services to the particulars of every client.

Before we make hardware recommendations, our team will get to know the details and objectives of your company. Then we will select and recommend hardware that suits those needs. We want to do more than just support your IT services; we want to support your success for the long run.  

We Have the Vendor Relationships to Meet Your Needs

We’ve always believed in earning our keep with every service. This is the kind of performance that creates effective, positive long-term relationships. Your company can take advantage of the relationships we’ve built by allowing us to manage your IT vendors on your behalf. We have built partnerships with third-party vendors in cloud technology, VoIP phone solutions, and wireless networking.

Turning these vendor management tasks over to us will free up more of your time to focus on the operations of your workplace and remove worry from your mind.

We won’t just find you the lowest price with the best performance; we will only focus on the goods and services that will enhance your workplace. We are not interested in selling you on methods and products that won’t help you. The Millennium Group knows that your time and resources are valuable, and we won’t waste them.    

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