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Well-Designed Structured Cabling Solutions Offer Greater Performance

For some people, structured cabling might sound like just running a few cables and connecting them to some ports like the Wi-Fi at your house. Telecommunications cabling for businesses and commercial locations takes it to an entirely different level, though. The cabling infrastructure in your business has to support multiple users and devices throughout the day, and any downtime or slow connections mean a drop in efficiency for your users. 

This is why we stress the importance of a well-designed structured cabling system. The performance of your cabling and network is going to have a substantial impact on your daily productivity. Inferior cabling solutions will mean drops in service, slow running times, and missed connections. The Millennium Group delivers solutions that guarantee consistent uptime and scalability for the future. Dependable performance is how you see a return on investment for your structured cabling.      

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Building Your Network Infrastructure Right the First Time

Structured cabling systems are not often the first thing to come to mind when people think about their IT services. Most people will picture their desktop computer or all of the others they see throughout the day. The cabling and network infrastructure often exist in the background, rarely getting noticed. In the best-case scenario, that is the way it should be.

The experts at The Millennium Group don’t want you to be worrying about all of the IT support going on behind the scenes. However, we do believe it is vital that you have an understanding of the importance of network cabling standards and the work that goes into your infrastructure. 

Even if your systems and users depend on a wireless network, there is still cabling that supports your network traffic. The cabling and devices in your server or equipment room are the backbone of your entire IT infrastructure. With us as your partner, you can count on us to tailor your cabling services to the needs of your business and the limitations of your building. 

Whether we are the first service provider setting up your network infrastructure or you’ve called us in to correct someone else’s mistakes, we make sure to set up a telecommunications room that offers the performance you need today and leaves room for future expansion. We design things this way to eliminate further disruptions when the time comes to expand your infrastructure. We are committed to being your long-term partner in IT services.   

Why Structured Network Cabling Is the Best Approach for Your Business

We perform structured cabling services because time has proven it to be the best method. Some service providers might still offer point-to-point cabling, this practice is counter-productive and less aesthetically pleasing. The point-to-point method is just what it sounds like, cables run directly from hardware to network devices. It is a simple process, but it does not offer the performance that modern businesses require.

A structured cabling system does things differently. We build out your internal data center or tech closet with an array of patch panels and trunks. They are structured together to create hardware ports that are attached to the patch panel at the top of the rack. From there, our experts implement backbone cabling or horizontal cabling to complete the system connections. All of that might sound more complex because it is, but it is also the reason you want to trust this process to qualified hands. Structured cabling offers greater reliability along with a more professional appearance.

At The Millennium Group, we believe in being proactive about IT services, and structured cabling is something you want performed correctly from the beginning. Hiring us to implement your network infrastructure gets ahead of possible problems before they happen. Our team has established structured cabling for multiple customers in a variety of industries. This service is just one more way for us to enhance your IT environment from the ground up.    

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