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This is not like your home Wi-Fi network.

Commercial and industrial networks require a higher caliber of work.

You Deserve to Partner With Qualified Experts in Wi-Fi Installation

It might appear that typical network installation is not so different from Wi-Fi installation. The truth is that they are similar, but there are some crucial differences. When you partner with The Millennium Group, both types of networks are designed to fulfill the unique needs of your workplace.

However, a wireless network requires a slightly different skill set, and attention must be paid to the ultimate functionality of your Wi-Fi connectivity. When you depend on a Wi-Fi signal for the day-to-day functions of your workplace, it needs to be reliable and provide consistent service.

We are a turnkey service provider, and you can trust that our team will be there from start to finish to make sure your Wi-Fi network supports the functions of your workplace. Whether you are moving into a new facility or just need a new network, TMGC is here to manage the entire process and network maintenance in the future.

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Creating Reliable Network Service Takes Proactive Thinking

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to designing and installing a network. For it to work effectively, it must be tailored to the needs of the client. This is why our team will get to know your business, the physical limitations in your building, and your future business objectives.

All of this information feeds into how we structure the physical devices that support your wireless network. When constructing a layout, we consider:

  • Your internet connectivity requirements

  • The operations of your business

  • The physical structures inside your facility

  • The required proximity to access points

  • Necessary security safeguards

All of these variables are taken into account and used to build the details of our plan for your network. TMGC understands that the effectiveness of your network has a direct impact on your productivity and efficiency.

A subpar or spotty network would lead to headaches and frustration. Our services are here to alleviate headaches and make it easier for you to focus on your job.   

We Will Ensure High Performance Across Your Entire Facility

The wireless nature of your network offers convenience and accessibility for your entire workforce. There are still physical devices and equipment required to support it, but this hardware should exist behind the scenes. The Millennium Group will install an infrastructure that delivers high performance and a professional appearance. We have experience with multiple vendors like Ubiquiti, Ruckus, and Cisco Meraki.  

Unlike your Wi-Fi network at home, this is not as simple as setting up a single modem and router. A commercial network like this requires multiple devices and more planning to ensure consistent connectivity throughout your facility.

A poor strategy would result in areas of weak signal and dropped connections. You can count on The Millennium Group to deliver a professional network that provides high performance across your facility.    

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