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4 Key IT Service Desk Trends for 2021 September Blog 1

Find out which IT service desk trends can propel your business forward before the end of the year.

IT Service Desks Make Everybody’s Job Easier

The IT service desk is the unsung hero for many corporations. It resets passwords, fixes system issues, and offers several incident management solutions. Without the help desk, business functions wouldn’t run as smoothly, and employee productivity would decrease. For these reasons, it’s best to stay up to date on the latest help desk trends.

The current global health crisis has led to unprecedented workplace changes, including many employees worldwide transitioning to remote work. Because of the abrupt yet necessary change, IT has reasserted its importance to many companies and their employees. Due to the impact COVID-19 has had on the needs of businesses everywhere, new IT service management trends are on the rise, including:

Enhanced Operations and Outcomes

To accommodate our new working conditions, IT help desks have been working overtime. More efficient and affordable solutions are in high demand, requiring improved IT operations and outcomes. From client acquisition to ongoing employee support, help desks are responsible for coming up with ways to expedite their service times and eliminate one concern after another. Whether this means more sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) or hiring more hands on deck, developing a swift and effective problem-solving model is a top priority for businesses around the world.

Normalized Back-Office Digital Transformation

The digital transformation office (DTO) is a dedicated taskforce that leads digital transformation within organizations. Back office refers to administrative and support personnel who handle the digital transformation of many companies. The uptick in “distributed working” has brought to the forefront many challenges for the existing manual processes of business functions, like human resources (HR), facilities, and finance. Therefore, we expect to see significant growth in the use of service management capabilities and corporate help desk tools—this will digitally transform business operations and outcomes throughout your company.

Increased Employee Experience

Over the past decade, the importance of employee experience has increased considerably. In recent months, the employee experience depends on the importance of productivity, and in turn, the IT help desk has endured even more pressure. This highlights trend #1 and why it’s vital to enhance help desk functionality and operations. If employees are experiencing system issues, they can’t perform their job properly. And when employees are non-productive, customers are negatively affected as well.

Articulating the Value of the IT Service Desk

As mentioned before, your IT help desk has many responsibilities, and your company is dependent on the services it provides. If your IT team can’t articulate its value to the company, your business will find itself running in circles instead of coming to real solutions. The help desk determines the root cause of employees’ tech issues. Once they identify what’s causing the problem, they can focus on eliminating it for good, not just until the employee hits a wall again.

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Better IT Support Improves Business Operations

Streamlined, dependable IT support is one of the greatest assets a company can have. IT support trends like the ones above are perfect for bolstering customer service satisfaction since they enable employees to perform their tasks without long-term interruptions. Information technology is no walk in the park, but you can position your team to succeed when you implement these future help desk trends today. Why wait for enhanced productivity, heightened awareness of employee functionality, and greater company morale? Improving your service desk technology will alleviate some unnecessary frustrations on a day-to-day basis.

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