From the Office to the Home—Remote Working Technology

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The majority of office workers have been working from home since early- to mid-March and, depending on factors almost entirely out of their control, the state of things could continue through June or later. In fact, even if they all move back to the office in a few weeks, there’s no guarantee they won’t all be back at home in the fall.

Making the Home Office Transition as Seamless as Possible

When making the transition to a work from home setup, several factors need to be addressed, including security, collaboration, and general operations and processes, just to name a few.

Yes, this is a stressful time. No doubt about it but, often, the best way to think of unusual circumstances is as an opportunity. Remote work can present a number of advantages for a commercial organization. Even though this situation is bound to end eventually, a new normal for your company will likely include some partial remote work capacity.

In terms of positives, this means your workforce will have greater flexibility and mobility. In fact, remote work is proving to have benefits even for productivity. Before we dive into the process and considerations that must be made when transitioning to a remote work operation, let’s break down what working from home actually looks like.

The Work-From-Home Environment

The question on everyone’s mind isn’t if we are going to be working from home for the foreseeable future, but how to work from home in the most effective way. Luckily, many employers are finding that fears of lost productivity are mostly unfounded, and many employees are actually getting more done from their home offices, living rooms, or kitchen tables.

Take meetings, for example. The benefits of remote meetings include the fact that everyone is suddenly on the same plane, not distanced in some conference room, and technology, when used correctly, can make it easier to facilitate a meeting. Using features like “hand-raising” or selectively muting or unmuting participants can foster greater communication, particularly for some more introverted participants.

The Millennium Group has particular expertise in finding the right technologies to help businesses leverage remote work in the most effective ways. We’re helping businesses seize this opportunity and make the best of the current situation.

Important Things to Consider

The process of transitioning to remote work has been a mixed bag for different companies. This all depends on if they were doing it themselves, how dependent they were on technology before, and/or the competencies of their IT support, whether it is internal or through a managed service provider.

One thing is clear, The Millennium Group is making the shift seamless for our partners. Though the prospect can seem overwhelming at first, we ensure your organization is secure in its new configuration and that you have the tools to keep productivity high.


With all your employees working from home on their own Wi-Fi networks with disparate configurations and setups, things can get tricky. Put simply, the four walls of the office and the security that comes with operating from a centralized location are out the figurative window. However, this is no cause for concern when The Millennium Group is monitoring your systems for threats 24/7 and offers remote support whenever needed.

Processes and Collaboration

Our consultative approach is geared toward diagnosing your particular needs and finding ways to adapt your technology to keep everything functional in a work-from-home environment. What did the day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month operations look like at your company back in January? We ensure you can replicate your internal activities and even improve them.

Moving to a remote work environment doesn’t need to be a substantial burden and, when we come out the other side of this situation, your operations can be more efficient than ever.

Constantly Evolving, Always Adapting

Over the past decade, business technology has changed radically. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, The Millennium Group has had a proven track record of helping companies adapt. Today, our expertise is operating at full force to give our clients the tools they need to persevere through one of the most radical process shifts in recent memory.

We’re going to experience a new normal in the coming years, and The Millennium Group can help.