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Antivirus Protection is Just One Part of a Broader Security Strategy

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Antivirus Protection in Colorado Is Not Enough by Itself

In the past, your Colorado business was safe if you just installed and regularly updated professional antivirus software. This type of virus protection is still necessary, but it is not enough on its own. Today, there are multiple types of malware and various ways for people to gain access to your systems. Hackers are looking for personal information and they can take advantage of your points of access that no one thought to defend.

This is another area where TMGC can prove our worth, by protecting your systems from intrusion. We can tell you what to look out for and set up monitoring software to watch out for signs of intrusion. These detection methods and threat management will often run in the background without disturbing your day-to-day operations.

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The First Step in Malware Protection Is Education

Malware is short for “malicious software,” and it has many methods of gaining access to your systems. Once inside, it can spread in multiple ways, and it is often difficult to remove malware. We’ll take a comprehensive approach to your security with practices like vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and managed threat security. No matter what kind of network security we set up, the number one way that hackers get into a company’s network these days is through social engineering or phishing emails.

Intrusion detection and prevention will filter out a lot of threats, but if someone in your office clicks the wrong link or gives away information to the wrong person, anti-malware software won’t be able to protect you. Social engineering and phishing emails will pretend to be legitimate contacts in need of data or correspondence, then an innocent employee will click a link and open your systems up to these threats.

The Millennium Group will be there to offer education for your employees about what to look for, and we will provide routine reminders to be on watch for these hazards. Once your workforce is accustomed to being mindful of this advanced security posture, you will see a drop in intrusions and fewer disruptions in your technology services.    

Intrusion Protection Systems Supported With Recovery Services in Colorado

All of these detection and prevention systems will be supported by our data backup and disaster recovery services. We will build you robust internet security safeguards, but it would not be comprehensive service unless we planned for the unfortunate possibility of these threats making it past your defenses.

Some malware will steal or encrypt your data and demand money for it to be released; this is called a ransomware attack. Having backups in place and a disaster recovery plan will soften the impact these hackers can have and prevent further damage.

To learn more about the malware protection in Colorado and intrusion prevention services we have to offer, contact The Millennium Group today.     


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