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You run a trusted, innovative company. That means your disaster recovery plan must cover all bases and provide optimal protection for data loss, ransomware attacks, and other cybersecurity threats.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): Your Cloud Contingency Plan

Many businesses have begun adopting cloud-based solutions that improve their efficiency, accessibility, and disaster preparedness. Disaster recovery as a service is a solution that allows your business to remain flexible and resilient when faced with adversity.

DRaaS solutions help your business quickly restore and recover IT systems in the event of catastrophic failure. These cloud services employ redundancy tactics that store your information in separate data centers, allowing you to immediately switch to a back up system. With these data centers acting as your disaster recovery sites, your business can quickly return to uptime. DRaaS redundancy tactics are particularly beneficial because they allow your business to recover from a variety of disasters using a singular solution.

Without a contingency plan in place, disasters can seriously harm your company and even force you to shut your doors for good. In such an event, unprepared companies won’t be able to perform their regular tasks. They will also experience unnecessary downtime, loss of revenue, increased labor costs, and damage to their customer relationships.

Data backup and disaster recovery is vital to your company’s safety and security. Hackers, malware, natural disasters, and a business relocation all pose threats to your company’s infrastructure. Although these events are unpredictable at times, you can stay several steps ahead and arm yourself with the protection of top-of-the-line, qualified managed IT and cybersecurity experts.

Having a plan in place keeps you from scrambling to find a solution when disaster occurs. Reduce company downtime when you partner with The Millennium Group. We work strategically to protect your systems from harm, and when things do go wrong, our fast and efficient response to a crisis gives you peace of mind. No matter the situation, your business is in great hands with The Millennium Group.

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Dependable Data Backup

At The Millennium Group, we prioritize taking proactive measures when you invest in data backup. This precaution could save you hours of downtime in the event of a virus or hardware failure. Data backups can run as often as you need them to, from an hourly to a monthly basis. We protect any work that can’t easily be replaced, like spreadsheets or company databases. Once we archive these important files and folders, they’re safe even if your company’s systems are under attack.

Less Vulnerability, Greater Protection

Unfortunately, there are many businesses that don’t recuperate from a significant setback. Since they lacked recovery plans and a team of IT experts, they never recovered their lost data. This jeopardizes the safety and protection of their clients, as well. As a legitimate and trustworthy business, it’s your responsibility to implement proper protection that allows you to bounce back from data breaches and system corruption. At the same time, this safeguards your clients’ sensitive data and personal information.

Solutions Tailored to Your Company’s Needs

To learn how to better serve you, we perform a business impact analysis to identify various hazards and predict their consequences. With our acquired knowledge, we’re positioned to create customized solutions that are perfect for your company. There are many companies that conduct business without the protection of recovery plans or the guidance of an experienced team of IT professionals. Keep your company ahead of the rest—perform your due diligence and invest in cybersecurity from all angles.

Avoid unplanned downtime when you enlist the solutions of TMGC.

Safe Operations Are Essential

When it comes to your storage devices, quick responses make all the difference, especially if they store business critical applications. We provide periodic system checks and 24/7 support to catch red flags and suspicious activity immediately. TMGC enables its clients to work confidently, knowing they’re covered with the most reliable protection Denver has to offer. We stay hypervigilant about your cybersecurity so you don’t have to.

Our disaster recovery methods allow you to regain access and functionality to your company’s IT infrastructure. With TMGC’s recovery solutions, you can expect continuous operation and steady productivity without threats to your business flow.


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The Millennium Group Is Denver’s Disaster Recovery Specialist

The Millennium Group is an IT consulting firm that specializes in managed IT and disaster recovery strategies. We understand the importance of running a smooth operation. That’s why we provide our business continuity plans and data recovery services that remedy anything from system corruption to accidental deletion. Our specialists design, implement, and manage your crisis recovery plan. Throughout the entire process, you’re never alone. We’re open and communicative from start to finish. Plus, we provide clear guidance and information regarding the status of system resolution.

The Millennium Group provides superior cybersecurity and data recovery for Colorado businesses. We mobilize disaster recovery plans to protect not just your company, but also your clients who trust you with their sensitive information. The plans we design are specific to your network’s needs. With our disaster recovery consulting, we eliminate any issues that threaten your company’s livelihood or business operations. When you’re facing an IT emergency, you can reduce recovery time and improve your success rates when you partner with TMGC. Call us today to schedule your onsite assessment.

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