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For all of our IT services, we take a proactive, personal approach that plans for the future and takes the particular needs of every client into account. When it comes to email solutions, we have a multitude of experiences to draw from and build the best recommendations for your business. If we are not already your managed service provider, our team gets to know the details of your daily operations and what expectations you have for your email features

From there, we make recommendations based on what is best for you and your organization. We’ve performed more than 50 email migrations to platforms like Office 365 business’ suite of services, but we are not loyal to one brand name over another. At The Millennium Group, we are only loyal to the unique needs and priorities of our clients. When we make a recommendation, you can trust that we developed it based on our years of experience and what we believe is in your best interest.    

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We Supply Enterprise-Level Email Solutions for Small Businesses in Colorado

Some small businesses don’t even consider certain IT solutions because they think those are out of reach for their limited resources. The Millennium Group believes that small businesses deserve to have the same resources of those larger corporations. We provide affordable, high-quality IT solutions for businesses operating on limited IT budgets. Our team works within your budget to find the services that deliver the features you need at a price you can manage.   

Trying to maintain in-house email Exchange servers might seem less expensive at first, but can become cost-prohibitive as the number of your business users grows. With TMGC at your side, you can have a professionally maintained email solution designed to grow with your company and adapt to your future needs.   

The Millennium Group is equipped to migrate your email services with as little disruption in your daily processes as possible.

When you start talking about migrating email services, some people are hesitant because they worry about losing vital past correspondence or no longer having certain features they depend on for their work. We take all of this into account when we plan your migration. We have ample experience in email migrations, but that does not mean we treat yours like every other. 

The Millennium Group does not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions for any of our services. We develop a migration plan that fits your unique situation and allows for all the features you need to operate at your best. We know how vital uptime is in your operations, and we do everything we can to limit disruptions during your migration.

Email Security Is Part of Your Overall Colorado Data Security

Besides being a primary means of communication across your business, your email solutions also present a point of access for malicious pieces of software like viruses and malware. We make every effort to strengthen the security posture of your systems and network, but at the end of the day, your actions play a significant role in the safety of your systems. As part of our services, we train users on what to watch out for in email attachments or how to manage their spam filters. The security precautions you take with your email services can have a profound impact on the overall data protection across your network. 

The Millennium Group is here in Colorado to work toward a brighter future for your business. That means using every tool at our disposal to prevent downtime from threats like this and other preventable issues. Our team is always thinking about what is best for your future objectives and goals. We leverage seemingly simple services like email solutions today as part of the foundation for the business you are building for tomorrow. Let us get to work for your organization and design a custom email migration today.  

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of companies report one hour of downtime can cost $25,000 or more, according to the Rand Group.

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