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At The Millennium Group Computing, we have a mission to create and maintain the most efficient and cost-effective IT infrastructures for the needs of our clients. We are leaving behind the old-fashioned vision of break-fix MSPs and moving forward with a vision for improved productivity and leveraging technology to support your objectives. TMGC does this by going beyond the typical break-fix services and expanding into practices that are proactive and keep your systems healthy for years to come.

We have found that when it comes to things like network infrastructure and information technology, it is best to build proactive strategies that protect productivity and ensure continued operation. Safeguarding your work practices from downtime is one way that we leverage technology to support the goals of your business. We are a veteran-owned company which means we understand the value of regimented service and the promise of earning our keep goes into every practice we deliver.     

“The team at TMGC really helped direct me to ask the right questions to begin with, and then explained why. They’ve made a profound impact on my success!”

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Instead of waiting for issues to crop up, we will seek out potential problems and correct them before they have the chance to become a disruption.

Working proactively means that The Millennium Group team will get to know the details of your business and evaluate the risks that you are facing with a comprehensive IT assessment. We’ll use all of this information to develop the best recommendations and strategies for the functions of your business.

From there, we will deliver services that defend the integrity of your systems with security measures, protect the continuity of your business with data backup and disaster recovery, and enhance your day-to-day operations with collaboration tools and IT consulting.  

Looking for a service provider that follows through on their promises?

The Millennium Group is here to restore your trust and faith in technology services.

The Millennium Group Is the Managed Service Provider You’ve Been Looking For

1. Peace of Mind: One of the most essential advantages of working with a professional MSP is the idea that you can tell us your needs and you can trust that we’ll follow through on them. With TMGC, you can rest assured that your IT services are in good hands and that we are looking out for you.

89% of companies expect IT budget growth.

2. Proactive Strategies: A focus on break-fix strategies and reactive planning are things of the past. We have learned time and time again that uninterrupted productivity is fueled by hardware and software that not only works but is geared toward your needs. We will bring proactive planning to your IT consulting, disaster recovery, and network security.

3. Hardware Expertise: TMGC is a turnkey service provider for your equipment and device needs. You can tell us what you are looking for and we’ll handle the entire process for you from vendor management to hardware installation. We have years of expertise and knowledge that you can count on.

4. Earn Our Keep: We have had multiple prospective clients come to us unhappy with their existing service providers and upset about being stuck in long-term contracts. This is why we chose to focus our services on month-to-month plans. We will earn our keep with you every month. This keeps us honest and gives you more flexibility as an organization.

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Ransomware attacks per day.


Companies upgrading existing assets.

$7.91 million

Average cost of data breach in U.S. companies.


Companies believe one hour of downtime will cost $25,000.

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