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Get the best performance out of your resources and cut
your operating costs at the same time.

Get the best performance out of your resources and cut your operating costs at the same time.

Virtual Servers Offer Several Advantages for Your Operations

Have you ever thought that your systems were underperforming or overtasked? Before server virtualization, one of the few solutions to this problem was buying more or supposedly better hardware. Just purchasing new equipment in the hopes that it will resolve the issue is a costly and inefficient way of doing business, though. The better approach is to look at how your resources are managed and what can be done to optimize them.

The Millennium Group is equipped to assess your operations and see if server virtualization is right for your Colorado small business. Virtualization software can help you reach greater levels of performance with fewer physical servers. This streamlining process saves money and makes your systems more agile across the board.    

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Virtual Private Servers Run Your Operating Systems More Efficiently

Without server virtualization, your physical devices are all fighting for the same resources and the same computing power. This tug-of-war results in dips in performance that waste your time and money. Virtual private servers will organize this process into a more productive flow of power. Through virtual hosting, you’ll be able to perform the same tasks with less real-world equipment and be more flexible for the future functions of your business.

Needing fewer real-world devices onsite will reduce your purchasing costs and overall utility bills. Turning a physical server into multiple virtual machines also decreases the need for regular maintenance on your systems. On top of everything else, virtualization works well with services like cloud computing and disaster recovery planning.

If that is not enough, virtualizing your servers creates more available space in the workplace and can eliminate the need for massive onsite server rooms. Businesses will be empowered to use their space more efficiently. The Millennium Group has the capability to deliver virtualization onsite or through a hosted environment with dedicated servers in a data center.   

Virtual Machines Geared Toward the Functions of Your Organization

The most effective IT services are tailored specifically to your unique needs. TMGC will work with you to find the best virtualization options for your business. Our team is proficient with both Hyper-V and VMware software, and our recommendations will depend on the size of your company and the particular requirements of your workforce. Once we’ve found the right solution for your situation, the benefits of virtualization will become quickly apparent.

Having your systems in a virtual space will prepare your operations for future opportunities like migration to the cloud or responding to a disaster. Having hardware-independent operating systems gives us more flexibility to transition you to other services or recover from unexpected incidents even faster.   

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