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Some might wonder what difference vCIO services can make in your business. Have you had a project go over budget or take longer than predicted? These are the kind of situations a vCIO can help prevent. In the past, organizations would hire an internal Chief Information Officer to make strategic technology decisions for the future and plot the path to reach your business goals.

The most significant issues with that are the price and the level of knowledge you are getting for your investment. Small- and medium-sized businesses have always been limited by their budgets and the cost of first-rate technology project management. Hiring a vCIO over a CIO can help those small businesses make the most of their situation and reach beyond their limitations.

If you hire an in-house, full-time CIO, you have to consider the costs of paying their salary, employee benefits, and eventual raises in pay. If they’re well qualified, then that could be a hefty starting salary as well. The bottom line is vCIO services are more affordable; your business gets the technical expertise you need at a cost-effective price.

We include IT consulting and vCIO practices within our managed services. So, while you’re paying for IT services like disaster recovery and managed network security, you’ll be able to take advantage of our expertise for planning your technology roadmap.

“Before hiring TMGC, our network would go down regularly, run slow and get hit with viruses. Now we haven’t had a single issue.”

Craig DaisDuffy Crane & Hauling Inc.

Put First-Rate Expertise at Your Disposal with IT Consulting in Colorado

There are whole consulting firms built around giving companies advice and recommendations on their future business processes and plans. With vCIO services from The Millennium Group, you have our entire team of experts at your disposal for less than what it would cost to hire a single full-time employee.

We have years of experience working with a variety of organizations in many different industries. TMGC does more than offer advice—we leverage technology to boost your performance and contribute to your success.

Your vCIO services play a role in every piece of technology you use. Don’t settle for consulting services that don’t know your operations or aren’t familiar with your goals.

As you look into vCIO services in Colorado, you might have also heard about a vCTO. A CTO is responsible for technologies that grow your business externally. They might work with your products to engineer them to be better for your customers or bring your products more in line with company goals. The main difference between vCIO and vCTO is internal and external.

Your vCIO focuses on the internal IT infrastructure of your business and how to leverage it for success. A vCTO would identify ways to make your products more appealing to your target audience. We offer vCIO services because this is where we can make the most difference for your business.

Do you have a technology plan in place for the future of your business?

Let The Millennium Group help plot your course to greater success.

The Advantages of Virtual CIO Services

  1. Predictable Budgeting: Have you ever run into surprise IT expenses or had a project end up costing more than predicted? With TMGC as your vCIO, you can rely on predictable budgeting and no surprise expenses cropping up. 
  2. Increased Uptime: It is nearly impossible to avoid all downtime in your IT services, but consistent and dependable uptime is an achievable goal with the right help. We will work with you to plot the best backup strategies and support services to ensure your operations continue to function at their best. 
  3. Technology Aligned With Your Goals: Hardware that works well should be the standard performance that service providers can deliver. Equipment chosen and assembled especially for your unique operations takes those IT services to another level. 
  4. Vendor Management: To run any business in today’s world of technology, you need to manage relationships with multiple vendors and remain compliant with a wide range of regulations and industry standards. Our vCIO services will be there to maintain your compliance and manage your vendor partnerships on your behalf.

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Average cost of data breach in U.S. companies.


Companies believe one hour of downtime will cost $25,000.

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