Managed Service Providers (MSP) VS Internal IT Teams: Which Is Right for You?

Enjoying the resources managed service providers offer

Recently, companies have had to adjust to a new virtual work landscape. Cloud computing, remote monitoring, and other measures have become essential to business agility and security. Business leaders expect their in-house teams to keep up with the evolving IT industry, but that’s easier said than done.

At some point, a business has to ask: is it worth it? Should you stick with an internal IT team or consider a managed service provider (MSP)? Keep reading to learn what an MSP can offer.

Why Should You Consider Managed IT Services?

Just keeping up with the day-to-day tasks involved with IT support services is enough to keep an in-house team busy. The time and money required to both maintain and improve an IT environment constantly are significant. When businesses experience substantial growth, many struggle to hire and retain a team of IT professionals who can keep up with their needs and with the pace of innovation.

Running a business in the rapidly changing digital world requires excellent response time and cost-effective, industry-leading IT solutions. Outsourcing support to a third-party managed IT service provider (MSP) gets you an experienced team who can focus on core objectives, offer help whenever you need it, and scale to fit your needs—all at a predictable cost.

Effective MSPs help you streamline your day-to-day operations and overcome process challenges. They can recommend new solutions that save time and money, maintain security standards, and effectively monitor and manage your IT infrastructure.

If you’re not convinced, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of managed IT services.

The Benefits of Managed IT Services

Choosing the right MSP for your company takes time and research. After all, trusting a third-party organization with the remote monitoring and management of your valuable data is quite the leap. You may even think keeping an in-house team would be less of a hassle. While a local team may be enough to keep systems running and handle emergencies, MSPs offer a few unique perks that are hard to pass up.

Get Ahead of Issues Before They Cause Downtime

When an internal IT team is overwhelmed by help tickets and day-to-day busy work, they become more reactive than proactive. And without up-to-date equipment and resources, many IT operations become too time-consuming. The team’s response time suffers, and the chances of your business experiencing sudden downtime increase.

Qualified MSPs have one job: keeping your IT environment healthy. They have the resources and expertise to resolve issues through proactive remote monitoring and management. Patching and vendor management are the MSP’s responsibility, freeing your IT team to handle more pressing matters.

Predictable Costs

One of the best benefits of managed IT services is the predictable costs. MSPs often provide services at a fixed monthly or annual price. A worthwhile MSP is upfront about all fees and ensures you understand the terms of the contract.

If you’re looking for cost savings, you should invest in an MSP. With an IT partner, you understand when and how the services are offered. With a fixed payment schedule, you can eliminate upfront costs and budget for your IT well into the future.

Technical Expertise

Are you interested in building out an IT environment that supports cloud computing and advanced remote monitoring? You’ll need a full team of IT professionals with the experience and resources to implement all the necessary components. If your in-house IT team is understaffed and overworked, you’re bound to struggle with making your vision a reality.

Hiring and training new employees is an expensive and time-consuming process. Hiring goes far beyond just paying a salary and showing them the ropes—you have to account for recruiting, benefits, sick pay, and more. Small companies can spend more than $1,500 in training alone.

Managed IT services are much cheaper than adding to your team because the service is an operational expense instead of a capital expenditure. You don’t need to dedicate as many resources to managing your IT as you would if you bought all the hardware, software, and personnel yourself.

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Scalability as Your Business Grows

Scaling IT operations with an in-house team is messy. You need to hire and onboard new employees, purchase new assets, implement the technology, and maybe even provide more office space for your team. Scaling with an MSP is as simple as having a discussion with your account representative. Your new solution may cost more, but the price is much less than the time and money it’d take to upgrade an in-house team.

Do you value flexibility in your operations? Managed service providers can meet your specific needs, so your business processes continue without a hitch.

Increased Productivity

Maintaining an IT network and infrastructure requires 24/7 support. Eyes need to be on your systems day and night, including holidays and weekends. After all, a cyberattack can occur at any moment. Expecting your in-house team to provide around-the-clock support services results in lost time for other projects and increased risk for burnout as some issues prove too challenging.

Managed service providers take on all the responsibility of monitoring and managing your IT environment, so your employees can enjoy a balanced workload while your MSP has you covered.

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