How to Form a Step-by-Step Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

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There are countless opportunities for business disruption. Hackers and cyber threats are the mainstays, and they aren’t going anywhere, but even new threats like pandemics causing business downtime are now at the top of everyone’s mind. The key moving forward will be developing a business continuity plan, and The Millennium Group can help.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

On a fundamental level, a disaster recovery plan is only as good as the potential problems you anticipate, but it’s almost impossible to anticipate every potential issue. At The Millennium Group, we’re building robust disaster recovery solutions that stand up to the unexpected.

The question: how to prepare a disaster recovery plan. The answer: The Millennium Group. This list should give you a brief overview.

Nail the Scope

Developing a plan can’t begin until the end goal is established. Different businesses have different security and recovery needs. Is vital customer data housed in your systems? It could be that these storage systems are governed by compliance regulations. 

Not only does this data need to be protected, but the speed of recovery and how it is actually restored is important too. Whether you need a simple data backup or a robust series of solutions that allow a diverse workforce to stay productive makes a big difference to what your solution will look like.

Where Are Your Risks and Vulnerabilities?

Building location, business sector, and the nature of their data all play a role in what sort of risks need to be prepared for. There’s a reason houses in the Midwest have basements while in California they do not. Tornadoes are different from earthquakes, and the solutions are adjusted accordingly.

The Millennium Group helps assess where current vulnerabilities exist among your systems and processes. Business continuity is more than just data storage. Take the current pandemic, for example. Businesses that were prepared to shift to a mobile workforce were better able to adapt.

Plan Formation

Once potential risks have been made visible and vulnerabilities exposed, the planning of your recovery can begin. By now you’ve probably plugged security holes, but what happens when hackers succeed in breaking into your systems?

Whether your recovery plan revolves around a public cloud, on-site data storage, or infrastructure so your team can go mobile on the fly depends on your situation. The Millennium Group can carry out a  detailed analysis of your processes to see how to maintain operations in different disruption scenarios.

In the end, all of this comes down to establishing a step-by-step procedure that can be executed quickly.

How Well Does it Work?

A plan is one thing, but surviving a stress test is quite another. You can’t have peace of mind that your systems are protected and recoverable if you have no confidence that the measures you’ve put in place will actually work.

Once we’ve helped develop your protections, policies, and procedures, we can carry out simulated attacks and other tests to ensure your business can survive. This step only causes minimal disruption to your business but will prove valuable should an actual crisis arise.

Train, Train, Train

All the planning and testing in the world isn’t going to help you unless your own team understands the recovery processes and procedures we’ve put in place. The Millennium Group can assist here as well, bringing your entire organization into the loop so disasters are more like minor annoyances.

Different people across your organization have different perspectives and areas of expertise. Once a plan is in place, it can be vetted by the team you already know and trust.

Always Staying Ahead of Threats

Here’s the real problem: The day after your plan is put into place, new risks can emerge that were unexpected during the formation process. As your business grows and pivots, new opportunities for disaster are always lurking around the corner.

A partnership with The Millennium Group is a step towards ongoing resilience in the face of an ever-changing threat environment. We regularly revisit your plans and, if necessary, take action to make all required revisions. We’re a partner, not just a service provider.