The Benefits of IT Remote Monitoring

enjoying the benefits of IT remote monitoring

A compromised network leads to unplanned downtime at best and catastrophe at worst. Implementing a sound remote monitoring solution ensures network performance and visibility on the personal devices remote workers use to access sensitive data. These measures are instrumental to a strong security posture. Learn more about what remote monitoring tools can do for you.

What Is IT Remote Monitoring?

A company’s network infrastructure includes all the hardware and software you use to build, store, and transfer data. Devices like routers, servers, firewalls, mobile phones, and laptops are components of a network that require constant maintenance and monitoring to ensure security.

Most managed service providers (MSPs) provide remote monitoring and management (RMM) as an essential service. RMM tools allow MSPs to automate routine tasks, support security functions, and more efficiently scale IT infrastructure to suit a client’s evolving needs. With the right set of network monitoring tools, your business can address performance issues and control remote access to sensitive data. With the global shift toward remote working, cybersecurity is more important than ever before.

Network monitoring offers the following advantages:

  • Swift identification of security threats
  • Reduced cybersecurity risk
  • Scalable IT environment
  • Collection of performance metrics
  • Automated patch management

The Many Benefits of Implementing Network Monitoring Systems

With many businesses adopting work-from-home policies, implementing and maintaining a sound network monitoring system has become essential to protecting valuable assets and preventing workforce exploitation. Bad actors exploit any vulnerability they can identify, and with most networks containing hundreds of endpoints, including personal devices, you need all the visibility you can afford.

Here are some benefits of IT remote monitoring:

Improved Visibility

With an active network monitoring solution, you can oversee the entire network. Catching the warning signs that lead to stolen data and poor network performance before they’re beyond control and having the RMM software on hand to address those issues both improve your security posture and let your workforce and clients know that their sensitive data is safe.

Dashboards can track environments, licenses, users, and more. Suppose a user downloads suspicious software or uses an unauthorized device to access company assets. In that case, you see the activity as it happens and have the RMM tools to remedy the problem.

Reduced Cybersecurity Risk

Network weak points come in many forms. Everything from personal devices to outdated operating systems and programs is a glaring vulnerability that leads to downtime and lost revenue. RMM software provides functions like automated patch management, which ensures important updates aren’t missed, and technicians have more time to spend on urgent IT matters.

Endpoint Monitoring

Every endpoint in a network is an entry point for a hacker to exploit. When you don’t have network monitoring systems in place, malicious users have free range to install malware and steal data. RMM tools offer businesses a full view of everything happening with their endpoints. If an employee device is used to install unauthorized software at an odd hour, the system records the activity and sends an alert.

Endpoint monitoring is one of the most significant advantages of implementing a network monitoring system. As remote working grows in popularity, businesses need to ensure security across many internet connections. You can never have too much visibility.

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Scalable IT Environment

Technology is constantly evolving. As businesses become more efficient and autonomous, they require new software to ensure security and manage critical processes. RMM tools improve scalability by automatically addressing issues with scripting and preventing further problems from occurring with proactive monitoring.

Remote monitoring and management software delivers faster resolutions to network events and provides relief to users. When your employees don’t need to worry about unplanned outages or experiencing other performance issues, their outlook is improved, leading to a happier team and increased productivity.

Install New Technologies and Upgrades

New technologies are a major financial investment. Achieving ROI on IT projects is critical and impossible without a healthy network environment. How can you expect to illustrate the effect of new software on critical processes without monitoring changes? Network monitoring tools offer deep insight into how equipment holds up over time. Teams can use those performance metrics to review their current technology solution and inform future investments.

With RMM tools, you can:

  • Minimize risk associated with a new technology or software investment
  • Demonstrate ROI with performance metrics before and after IT installation
  • Assess whether your network can support the new technology

The Millennium Group Provides Cybersecurity for Remote Workforces

Maintaining a strong security posture is a commitment. It requires vigilance, research, and investment. It’s a lot for a business to handle while still overseeing day-to-day operations, but that’s where The Millennium Group comes in. As an MSP, we offer companies the 24/7 IT support they need to keep up with the ever-changing demands of their industry.

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