Top Cyber Security Trends in 2020

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Each year, the cyber threat landscape evolves to include new challenges but also new opportunities. From old tricks like phishing that are continuing to pose a problem to organizations of all kinds to new issues like automation security, cybersecurity is more important than ever in 2020.
It has been said for years that we live in an increasingly interconnected world but, in the new year and the new decade, this concept is beginning to reach its full potential. Your organization needs to be ready.

Emerging Information Security Trends

Technology is evolving and, if anything, that evolution is accelerating. However, as things change, new threats emerge, and strategies adapt—old threats are not replaced but rather new threats are heaped onto the pile.

Take phishing, for instance. Email attacks emerged as a major threat immediately when email became a common communication tool in business. For over 30 years now, entering the stage in the early ’90s, phishing attacks have been a consistent attack vector.

Phishing isn’t going anywhere. Instead, it’s being joined by new, more sophisticated attacks on mobile devices and the emerging internet of things. The fundamental goal, as always, is to crack into critical business or government infrastructure to steal data, cause system downtime, or extract value.

With these new threats, automated security, artificial intelligence, and robust security strategies are becoming essential to avoiding major cyber security problems.

The Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) has been a hot topic in tech circles for years now. In 2020, IoT is finally stepping into the forefront with personal and professional applications designed to make life and work more convenient.

With increased functionality comes additional risks. As new devices—appliances, security systems, networking equipment, and more—are added to a space, businesses are inherently adding more potential attack vectors to their network.

Even if you have expertly crafted protocols and procedures, a well-trained staff, and otherwise robust security measures for your servers and workstations, IoT shouldn’t be left by the wayside.

Mobile Device Attacks

Mobile devices, both personal and dedicated to business, are inherent vulnerabilities in your organization. Over the past decade or so they have become absolutely essential to business operations and that trend is not slowing down any time soon.

Mobile malware itself isn’t likely to be a major threat, but as more employees are logging into critical systems via their mobile phones, the threat will soon be on the same level as threats to a personal workstation.

The Gathering Cloud

In 2020 and the coming decade, business infrastructure will continue its steady march to the cloud. This presents an ever-growing vector for data breach vulnerabilities. The benefits for efficiency, scalability, and flexibility are seemingly endless, so cloud computing isn’t going anywhere.

With the growing reliance on the cloud comes a requirement for completely new security approaches. Organizations that aren’t ready and willing to make a significant investment in more sophisticated cloud security trends aren’t going to last.

Manage ongoing and emerging threats.

TMGC can align your cybersecurity strategy to combat threats in 2020 and the coming decade.

Automated Cyber Security Trends in 2020

Artificial intelligence and security automation solutions are going to be increasingly important factors in IT security moving forward. Similar to the many benefits of the cloud discussed above, AI has countless applications for both business and personal life.

Machine learning and deep learning algorithms have applications for natural language processing, facial recognition (important for two-factor authentication) and automated threat detection.

If an organization isn’t working with a cybersecurity provider who is proficient in the use of these technologies, they could be opening themselves up to potential threats. Because cybersecurity engineers are under threat of being overwhelmed by these new threat vectors, they are increasingly turning to advanced security automation tools.

Luckily, these systems and processes can be integrated directly with a business’s IT. This allows for more effective risk management than ever before even when considering the growing cyber threat landscape.
Cyber Security Prof

Cyber Security Professionals

Sure, there are many changes in cyber security that have begun to affect businesses, but the risk of external data breaches or other threats can be effectively managed when the right solution is in place.

The Millennium Consulting Group provides businesses with the most advanced cyber security solutions available today to match emerging threats. We’re experts in the industry and can apply the latest technologies to keep your business secure. Contact us today to learn more.