Why Should I Use the Cloud? Here Are 4 Key Benefits

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The benefits of adopting cloud technology have far-reaching effects on your organization. From saving money through efficiency and productivity to more stable, reliable IT systems, cloud migration is necessary to bring an organization into the new way of doing business.

4 Key Benefits of Cloud Computing

First things first: there are so many benefits associated with migrating IT systems and processes to the cloud that it’d be difficult to cover them in a single blog post. If your organization has not yet moved any part of your operation to the cloud or is currently underutilizing cloud-based systems, it’s important to realize that waiting could stymie growth.

Cost Savings

Looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing flexibility or productivity is one of the primary responsibilities of executives looking to achieve business goals. Cost savings can take a variety of forms. First, storing data locally requires servers (and the electricity and maintenance required to run them).

There is also the cost associated with system downtime. Should your servers fail and require maintenance, the loss in productivity can be expensive. Also, there is the risk of data loss. While there are backup and disaster recovery solutions available, cloud-based systems are substantially more secure.

Simplified Technology

From security to productivity tools, using and updating locally based hardware is a much more involved process than cloud-based systems that can be managed remotely. Imagine a scenario where an employee takes their laptop home to do some work over the weekend. First, they need to ensure that all files have been copied to their workstation. All programs must be updated as well to ensure that they actually can get work done.

Once they boot their computer up on Saturday, they may find that something did not copy correctly and they are unable to continue working. If they are successful, however, then comes the task of transferring everything and backing it up on internal servers in the office on Monday. There are countless variations on this scenario, but the point is that working is far more complicated when someone is tied to a specific location.

Free Up IT Staff Time

By hosting your systems on a managed cloud system with The Millennium Group, your internal IT staff has time to work on projects critical to your organization. Of course, our solution is more than a break/fix service designed to react to issues (although, we do that too of course).

Instead, we’re taking a consultative approach to design and implement public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions that are specifically designed for your existing and future operations. When your core operations are working efficiently and you do not have to worry about what happens in the event of a disaster, your internal team has the bandwidth to tackle more future-thinking projects.

Increased Storage Capacity

At a basic level, your operation can only work efficiently if your team has technology that works when it needs to. A large part of that is having storage space so that, when doing something simple like saving a file, there is never a fear of not having adequate space.

One of the most crucial benefits of the cloud is how scalable it is. With managed cloud services from The Millennium Group, we will be able to monitor your needs in real time on an ongoing basis so that storage capacity never becomes an issue.

Cloud services are essential for the continued prospering of businesses in almost any industry.

Why Move to Cloud Computing?

The above list is merely a sampling of the general benefits of cloud computing. However, this list is by no means exhaustive. Take, for example, the COVID-19 pandemic and how that has dramatically affected the operations of thousands of businesses. Many businesses began migrating to the cloud before anyone knew the novel coronavirus had jumped to humans. These businesses were looking for the benefits outlined above plus increased flexibility.

By enabling a smoother transition to work from home, businesses that were already leveraging the cloud were able to continue operating with less disruption. In this way, the pandemic has been little more than an accelerating force for cloud adoption.

It isn’t too late for businesses to take advantage of cloud technology. Far from it. The Millennium Group can develop a solution that is custom-tailored to your organization, delivering the benefits listed above and many more. Let’s start a conversation about how our consultative approach can help you achieve your business goals. Simply fill out the form below to get started.