Why the Cloud Is More Important Than Ever

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Many business owners who haven’t already made the jump to the cloud are asking themselves, “What are cloud computing services?” For all practical purposes, the answer is simple: cloud computing services are the way businesses are thriving in a modern economy, through the COVID-19 pandemic, or otherwise.

What Is a Cloud Service Provider?

A cloud service provider could actually refer to a variety of different things. There are services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, or you could be referring to a third-party provider like The Millennium Group.

While a first-party provider like Amazon or Microsoft can provide access to its powerful public cloud services, the drawback is that a business is unlikely to receive a custom-tailored solution for their needs. A third-party provider, on the other hand—an experienced one, at least—will select, configure, and integrate a public, private, or hybrid solution.

When the architecture of the cloud system is decided—based on things like organizational structures, security needs, and the ability to integrate with current processes—the next step is to migrate your systems.

What Are Cloud Migration Services?

Make no mistake, an investment in a cloud system is not as simple as buying some software, installing it on your computer, and then going about business as usual. There is a procedure known as cloud migration that involves moving your data and processes to a new system.

In other words, the move is more complex than simply transferring over a few files. All of this being said, however, is not meant as a scare tactic. Quite the contrary—a transition to the cloud will make your business far more efficient, secure, and scalable versus more antiquated systems.

At The Millennium Group, we take a consultative approach to the cloud migration process. That means we don’t just offer a single prescription for all of our clients. That’d be relatively simple, sure, and many of our competitors will supply the same solution for all of their clients.

However, no two organizations are exactly the same, and different businesses have different security, storage, and process needs. We take care to understand your organization so that the migration process is accomplished quickly and efficiently. The end result is minimal, if any, downtime during the transition.

Managed Cloud Hosting

After the migration process has been completed, the main responsibility of your service provider is to host and support your cloud solution. In a public or hybrid option, some or all of your cloud storage and computing capacity will be hosted by a provider like Amazon or Microsoft.

However, it is likely that your solution will involve some level of private cloud infrastructure. In this case, The Millennium Group, as a part of your managed services agreement, will continually monitor your systems for efficiency and security purposes. Plus, we minimize downtime by ensuring that any issues are caught and resolved immediately.

Cloud services have been a hot topic in recent years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a renewed enthusiasm for complete cloud solutions.

Facilitating Efficient Remote Work

For years, organizations have been experimenting with remote work and distributed teams. Some were simply offering a few work-from-home days to their employees while others were actively recruiting new staff around the country and around the world.

In March of this year, as we all know, that process was accelerated. Where before a company may have made a five-year plan to expand remote working options, now they were condensing plans into only a few weeks or days.

Different organizations have seen varying levels of success with their new structures. Much of that success depends on having a reliable cloud set up so that processes could be accomplished efficiently and products or services could be delivered to clients.

This is where The Millennium Group truly shines. Our consultative approach, as discussed earlier, has helped our partners navigate 2020 such that they not only survive, but they also have the tools to thrive. So whether your organization has made the switch to the cloud but it was not implemented as efficiently as you might have wanted, or you are looking to integrate new tools into your organization, The Millennium Group can help.