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There are a number of questions that came up at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic that business owners were forced to answer faster than they ever imagined. “Can we shift to remote work?” “What will that process look like?” “Do we need to change any of our processes?” After several months, businesses have seen mixed results.

However, with the right outsourced IT support service behind you, there is nothing holding your business back from enduring this situation and even thriving.

What Remote Working Technology Does for Your Organization

Many organizations were planning on expanding remote work capabilities in time. Whether they were imagining the workplace three years out, five years, or ten, at least partial work from home was considered the future.

No one, at least not most executives and office managers, expected that a pandemic would be upon us and condense that timeline to only a few months. The chaos of that period wasn’t spread evenly, however, and businesses working with skilled outsourced IT service providers, like The Millennium Group, were able to transition from the office to the home with comparably minimal interruption.

The first step was imagining what exactly the remote structure would look like. Most organization’s primary goal was to essentially replicate the office experience at home. The Millennium Group has a few key objectives in this area: 

Ensure Access – Employees need to have workstations that can be brought home, connected to the internet, and connected to systems: internal servers, external cloud services, etc.

Cybersecurity – A remote workforce inherently involves additional cybersecurity challenges. We not only ensure that physical systems are secure but also help develop a policy that helps ensure employees don’t fall victim to cyber-attacks.

With these two qualities in place, there aren’t many (if there are any at all) services that can’t be provided remotely. In the end, the most important part of all of this is the continued ability to serve clients and end-users. In that capacity, The Millennium Group has proven expertise.

Beyond Replacing the Office

When we think of those initial timelines that extended out years, the vision went far beyond simply replicating the standard 8:00-5:00 work schedule where every employee lives in the same general region.

As bad as the COVID-19 pandemic has been, many companies are seeing opportunities. Many business functions can be performed outside of traditional hours by a fully distributed team across multiple time zones. Access to a larger talent pool and potential savings abound.

However, these fully-developed remote work structures cannot develop overnight. When you work with The Millennium Group, we take a consultative approach to technology and your business.

We learn about our clients’ goals and develop solutions designed to help them scale. If that means developing and integrating technologies that help companies fully leverage the potential of remote work, that’s our mission.

Truly Work From Anywhere

Without the right tools, it will be impossible for your team to accomplish anything beyond the most basic parts of their job.

The Millennium Group specializes in finding which communication, collaboration, productivity, and security tools are best suited to your specific needs (right now and into the future) so that work can continue to get done.

What we’re doing is “future-proofing” or clients so that, in today’s unpredictable world, business continuity is never an issue.

By providing top-tier support for remote workers, the right tools to help employees work productively from home, and overall strategic consulting, we’re helping businesses thrive.

Remote Tech Services and Security

Remote support services can take a few forms—ranging from basic help desk and break/fix support to ongoing strategic consulting designed to help organizations operate efficiently while remote.

Help desk and break/fix services are important and, of course, The Millennium Group can keep your systems running this way. However, the core of our service lies in the consulting on, and development of, productivity, collaboration, and security solutions designed to help you hit long-term targets.

The Return of the Office

There are companies that are currently, or are moving toward, working on a fully distributed basis, and some will stay that way. For most organizations, though, it is likely that the future lies in some sort of hybrid model. Work-from-home is likely here to stay in one form or another, but the office isn’t about to disappear.

When it does come time for the hybrid model to take over as the dominant operational model, The Millennium Group is here to help. When the pandemic started, the companies who were least affected were the ones who were already moving down the path of remote work. What’s the lesson to draw from that fact? Start developing the systems and processes now that will help drive an efficient hybrid approach.

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